The Saguaro Sisters | Shona Saguaro
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Shona Saguaro

(pronounced SHOW-nah) has been acting and singing in musical theater since the ripe old age of 7yrs when she was cast as an old lady munchkin in The Wizard of Oz.  However, from the age of 3 she was already putting on shows in her parents’ living room using the fireplace (it wasn’t lit!) as her stage and “writing”, directing, costuming and generally playing every major role simultaneously.  It all paid off!  In 2012 she was the grand prize winner of the Get In the Show Competition for the syndicated radio show Adventures in Odyssey, landing a part written just for her in the beloved kids series.  And it wasn’t just any part!  She became the long lost sister to none other than series regular Connie Kendall (played by Katie Leigh).  At the Burbank studio where the recordings are made she met Will Ryan (aka the voice of another series regular, Eugene Meltsner) who heard her and her sister Katriona sing while he was strumming his ukulele.  It wasn’t long afterwards that The Saguaro Sisters were launched at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena Ca.