The Saguaro Sisters | Karona Saguaro
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Karona Saguaro

(with a K – not to be confused with the town in Southern California!) At 13 years of age, after competing in a kid’s TV show in Australia, Karona went on to become a series regular. She worked on the show for two years, and was then cast in a pilot for a spin off series.  The exposure and experience was enough to gain her regular work in dinner theater, radio, cover bands and voice-overs.  In California she met up with her relatives Katriona and Shona and shared several years with them on the stage in musical theater.  During this time she also recorded a solo CD.  Karona Shona and Katriona worked on 3 part harmony for two years before the association of the Saguaro Sisters with Will Ryan and the Cactus County Cowboys allowed their sound to be heard by stage and radio audiences alike.